Notice to Members

Changes to the WSMC Transit Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2016

In accordance with the Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC) Enrollment Agreement, WSMC must notify enrolled vessel members of changes to the WSMC Transit Fee Schedule effective July 1, 2016. 
This new fee schedule is available now.

WSMC Member Assessment Update Letter, April 14, 2016

WSMC Revised Transit Fee Schedule July 1, 2016

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October 27, 2016

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 WSMC is 25!!

And we are celebrating
25 years
superior oil spill contingency coverage!

Thank You
to our members for
your support.

WSMC Plan Advantages

  • WSMC Plan has been fully approved for 5 years by the WA Dept of Ecology (see Press Release below in Member Update)
  • Enrollment Agreement is in conformance with IG Guidelines
  • Cost of compliance is the same or less than other plan options
  • No fee due until the vessel enters WA state waters
  • Enrollment is the simple process it has always been
  • Provides superior spill response resources See MSRC item to the right
  • Vessels may have either MSRC or NRC and enroll with WSMC
  • There is no need to have supplemental resources
  • WSMC will continue the Reciprocal Arrangement Agreement with WCMRC in Canada
  • On behalf of the member, WSMC provides the contingency plan, spill management team and clean up contractors to meet WA state regulatons


Under new Washington State regulations all enrolled vessels must complete a revised WSMC ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT (Now in conformance with IG Guidelines) before their first vessel transit in 2014. Anniversary dates remain unchanged and there is no fee associated with vessel re-enrollment. No fee due until a vessel's first transit after their enrollment anniversary date.

If enrolling a tank vessel for Grays Harbor coverage,
please contact WSMC at 206-448-7557.

The WSMC Plan with MSRC

Starting in January 1, 2014, the WSMC Plan will provide coverage utlizing MSRC for primary spill response resources (WSMC Update Nov 27, 2013)These resources provide the WSMC member with coverage by a plan with superior response capability. All for the same cost of compliance.

Benefits for WSMC members:

  • Compared to the NRC plan, the WSMC Plan with MSRC provides over:
    - 2.5 times the number of oil skimming vessels,
    - 3 times the amount of oil skimming capacity,
    - 2 times the amount of oil containment boom, and
    - 2.5 times the amount of recovered oil storage.
  • WSMC coverage with MSRC resources will be obtained through simply enrolling with WSMC.
  • A vessel may have either MSRC or NRC for their federal OSRO coverage and still enroll in WSMC.
  • The WSMC member need not be an MPA/MSRC member to obtain WSMC coverage.
  • MPA members that do enroll with WSMC will get a credit on their MPA national dues